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Hey everyone,

There is some confusion with my clients as to eating before workouts.  Let me clear it up…YOU MUST EAT BEFORE YOU WORK OUT.  Ok, I hope that helped 🙂

Many people think you shouldn’t eat before you work out.  Perhaps this is because people believe they will burn fat if there is no energy directly in their stomach or blood stream.  However, your body doesn’t work this way.  You would be more likely to burn stored muscle glycogen (a good thing) and protein, because you are in a starvation state.  Also, you will have much less energy and not be able to work as hard, thus burning fewer calories.  So if you are trying to lose weight it actually thwarts your efforts.  If you are trying to gain muscle, strength, power or speed you will be less likely to reach your goals by starving yourself before your workout.

So here is my recommendation (based on scientific research, as is everything I put on this blog).  Most research recommends a 3:1 (some say 2:1, 3:1, 4:1) carbohydrate to protein ratio consumed between 30 and 60 minutes prior to exercise.  This means for every gram of protein you eat you need to eat three grams of carbohydrate.  Now, the amount of food you eat depends on your activity level, metabolism, body size and how close the workout is to a meal and how hungry you are.

There are many supplements that offer a 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio.  However, a good pre workout snack would be an apple and peanut butter.  I am not saying that is what you should eat, but it is a good example of  a proper carb to protein ratio.

So, make sure you eat a snack before you work out!

Exercise of the Week: Golf Warm Up

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Golf, Video

Hey everyone!

Here is my exercise of the week, or should I say exercise series of the week.  CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE LINK BELOW…OR THIS LINK

Hopefully the sound quality is better this week.  However, we filmed the video sideways with the iPad, so I had to use a program to flip it back.  As a result the picture is a little small.  Also, I am no actor…so my on camera skills are not great, but not bad for the second week.  So, my appologies for thses things!

Hopefully you will find this warm up series helpful in your golf endeavours.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when warming up for golf:

Active Dynamic Stretching–static stretching is great for working on flexibility after an exercise bout or long before the exercise bout.  However, soon before a round of golf dynamic stretching will better prepare you for your golf outing.

What you Need to Warm Up- Hips, Spine, Shoulders and Legs- In order to rotate through your swing a great deal of pressure and torque is put on your Hips, Spine, Shoulders and Hamstrings.  Make sure these are good and warmed up!

Hitting a Few Balls- Hitting a few balls IS NOT A WAMR UP!

When I turned twenty I cared nothing about my bones.  I worried about the food I ate to stay lean and I worried about the exercises I did to look muscular and tone as well as improve my athletic performance.  I was not concerned at all with the structure that holds my body upright and allows it to be propelled through space.  Now, an active young man swiftly approaching my thirtieth birthday, with an occasional ache and pain, as well as being a personal trainer with an older population, I constantly worry about bone health.  However, when you watch fitness programs on TV, read health magazines and talk to trainers, rarely do they discuss bone mineralization or include exercise programming with bone density building in mind.

Many of you may have had a bone density scan; hopefully none of you have heard the words osteopenia or osteoporosis.  Both of these conditions refer to the loss of bone density, which heightens your chances of breaking a bone.  Osteoporosis is the more severe of the two.  Usually, when you get a bone density scan doctors are concerned with the hips, spine and femurs.  These are the largest bones and carry the most weight and when someone has a break in any of these bones it considerably constricts movement.  Therefore, one of the best things you can do to help build bone mass or limit the loss of bone mass is to perform exercises that focus on the hip, spine and femur.

However, many exercises that may be beneficial for building muscle or improving cardiovascular endurance may be ineffective at building bone mass. The exercises which are best at building bone mass are those that are weight bearing.  In order for a bone to begin the process of ossification, or building, it must first be stressed by a force one tenth of the force that is needed to break that bone.  Thus, many exercises performed on machines, such as a stationary bike or any typical weight machine is not weight bearing and subsequently is not nearly as effective as using free weights.

Another problem with using machines over free weights in this regard is that exercises on machines are not multi joint exercises.   Multi joint exercises are those that involve more than one joint to perform the movement and are superior to single joint exercises when it comes to fighting off osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Examples of multi joint exercises would be a squat, standing up and down out of a chair with a weight or pressing a weight overhead.  Unfortunately, most weight machines only stress a single joint.  So, this combined with the absence of weight bearing on bone during machine exercises really limits an individual from maximizing their ability to gain bone density during their workouts.  Those with low bone density should strive to incorporate multi joint weight bearing exercises into their exercise program.

Hey everyone, I need some questions to answer this week!

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would make sure you all  knew about a wonderful product from down in Texas called Dynamax.  Dynamx makes the best medicine ball around.  I consider it the best for a multitude of reasons.  The best reason to use/ use a ball from dynamax is that it is one of the most versitile pieces of equipment on the fitness market.  You can do hundreds of exercises with this ball and hit every muscle group without leaving a medium sized walk in closet.  This medicine ball is different than most because it is soft enough you can throw it as hard as you want and it wont put a hole in the wall or injur the partner you are throwing it too.  Also, this ball is extremely durable, so the money you invest in this equipment will defanetly be worth it.  This ball is also ergonamically superior, fun to use and, most importantly, helps you to get results and meet your fitness goals.  Further more, very impressively, this product is made in the U.S.A.!    So if your gym has one, start using it.  If it doesn’t, encourage management to buy one or two….. or ten!  If they won’t, but one for yourself.  The Dynamax ball is reasonably priced and takes up very little room especially considering the various exercises you can do with it.  If you do decide to buy one, I would recoment ordering it here from the great people at power systems.  Stay tuned to our exercise of the week for a sneak peak of some exercises you can do with the dynamax ball.

As always, thanks for tuning in!


Hello Everyone, sorry for the long awaited exercise of the week.  In a small town it’s hard to find someone to hold a camera and another to help demonstrate an exercise.  On top of that figuring out how to add a video can be challenging….so anyhow…here is the exercise of the week, click on the youtube link below

Also, if you like the product in the video and would like to buy it click on the powersystems link and order it through my blog.

exercsie of the week

buy the dynamax ball here

Hey guys,

Just did a presentation for the Highlands School weight lifting class on warming up.  Many of you will already know this information, but I thought I’d share my notes.


Overall Purpose of Warm up

-Prepare the Body For Activity

Why Do We Need To Prepare Our Body For Activity?-Reasons Why….

Injury Prevention-you are much more likely to be injured during an event or a workout

Improved Performance-your body is not ready to perform at it’s best at rest

Promotes Flexibility-Skipping your warm up can cause you to be tight during or after a workout

Mental Preparation-Gives you time to mentally prepare for your workout or athletic event.

What Happens During Warm Up

Neurologically Wakes You Up– Intense activity and coordinated movements demand a great deal from

the brain, spine and nerves that innervate (pass through and control) muscles and tendons.

Increase Core Temperature of Muscle– Muscles perform better at a higher temperature.

Increases Oxygen Consumption-In order to do more work you must have more oxygen.  Therefore the

breathing rate must increase and the lungs must take in more oxygen.

Delivery of Nutrients and Hormones-Your body during exercise requires very different nutrients and

hormones during exercise compared to at rest.  Warming up helps to increase these so that you do not fatigue too early and your performance is optimal.

Increases Blood Pressure- Increased blood pressure means more blood will get to your muscle tissue at

a faster rate.  The faster this occurs the more oxygen (and other nutrients) can get to your muscle and the faster you can remove CO2.

Shifts Blood Flow– At rest blood is concentrated in your organs (liver, stomach, brain, kidneys etc.).  In

order to exercise you need much more blood in your muscle tissue.  This change takes a few minutes.  So, warming up helps.

Promotes Synovial Fluid Release-  Synovial Fluid helps to lubricate the joint surfaces made of cartilage.

If Synovial Fluid does not reach the cartilage, then it will wear and break down over time.

What Your Warm Up Should Include

Movement in 3 Planes of Motion-Front to back, side to side, rotational.

Sweat-If you are not sweating, your muscles are not warm.

Stretching-         Static Vs. Dynamic-

Static stretching– is when you hold a stretch for a long period of time (10 seconds or more).  It is beneficial for improving long term flexibility but can slightly hinder performance because it does not prepare you for dynamic activities.

Dynamic Stretching– is stretching that involves movement while increasing range of motion.  Such as arm swinging, rotating, twisting, jumping etc. where you hold stretches for no more than 2-3 seconds.

Specific To the Physical Activity You are About To Do-Your warm up should be full body but should focus more on the muscle groups you are about to use.

Special Concerns– Any previously injured area should get some extra attention during the warm up too!

Thank you Anonymous for your great question and such an important one to discuss,

The question was can an older woman still build the same amount of muscle mass (like in youth) after menopause without supplements or hormones?

Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to build lean mass after menopause, especially without supplementing.  This is why it is so important for our youth to be extremely active and why I worry so much for the future of youth.  However, the good news is gaining muscle mass can still be done; it just takes much more patience and more realistic goals.

The main thing to keep in mind for women after menopause (and even before menopause after your late 20’s) is that you will not build the muscle mass at the same rate or maybe not even to the same extent.  Our bodies go through so many stages throughout life and this is primarily hormone driven.  Hormones are the captain of our ship so to speak…  The amounts, types, and concentrations of hormones in our bodies are what make our bodies what they are throughout the many phases of our life.  Consequently, when these hormones change, so does our body.  The good news is, the hormonal environment after menopause is conducive to building muscle tissue, although it is not as good as it once was.  More importantly, by doing strength training activities and other resistance training you create a better hormonal environment to maintain lean tissue and progress.

I hope this helps to answer your question!

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Links to come later this week

Hey everyone,  I need a question for this week.  Also, any exercises or exercise tips you would like to know about???  Let me know!