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Posted: August 19, 2012 in Articles, Question of the Week

Hey everyone,  I need a question for this week.  Also, any exercises or exercise tips you would like to know about???  Let me know!

  1. anonymous says:

    Can an older woman still build the same amount of muscle mass (like in youth) after menopause without supplements or hormones?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am going to a gym and want to lose weight, but they are saying I need to spend time doing weigh training too. Is it ok to work on losing weight first by doing just the cardio and then working on the weight training once I’ve reached my target weight? I am having trouble finding my motivation with the weight training.


    • Tara, great question and thank you,

      There is a variety of ways to lose weight using numerous modalities to do so. Some people choose to run it off, some people restrict their diet (not the best recommendation) and others do so through strength training. Many people choose to do only one of these because the others do not interest them.

      However, I feel strength training should definitely be implemented in any program for a healthy balanced exercise and weight loss program. While it poses a problem because it does not motivate you, it is very important to maintain and build muscle mass. This is important for two reasons. First, the more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn at rest. Since losing weight is all about calories in minus calories out, the more you are burning means more calories are going out and the more out the better. Second, if you are losing weight you are putting your body into a catabolic state, meaning it is breaking down. You want this break down to occur in fat cells, not in the muscle. By doing some resistance training, this will help keep the muscle from catabolizing.

      The good news is, when properly designed a weight lifting/strength training program can burn as many or more calories than a cardiovascular workout. So, my suggestion would be to find a trainer (or different trainer, but don’t tell him/her that I told you to) who can make your workouts more fun and interesting. You first need to clearly communicate with your trainer what you are looking for. Tell them that weight training bores you, and you want to do fun activities to develop strength. If you don’t like doing something, let them know. The best way to do this (from my prospective) is to just ask for a different exercise. I don’t really like it when someone does it in the middle of the exercise, but after words if someone says “I am not a big fan of that exercise,” or “what else do you have that will do the same thing?,” I am much more happy to find another exercise. None the less, you and the trainer need to be on the same page! Also, keep an eye out for my exercise of the week to spice up your strength training workout…

      • Rory says:

        Hi Garrett,
        Reading your response to Tara, just wondering if you could elaborate a little more. I have read (as you say) that muscle burns more fat and weight training builds more muscle than just resistance training or running; therefore, making it sound that it is better to focus (while not eliminating cardio) on weight training to lose weight, right? I ask this knowing that (at least for my body), the skinniest I ever got was when I added regular cardio to my weekly workouts (3-4 days of running 15-20 minutes; and 2-3 days of full body weight training for 45-60min with lower weight and no less than 3 sets or at least 10 reps). I’m sure that I lost a little strength in the process as well as I was focusing more on the cardio, but just wondering your recommendation.
        I’ve fallen off my lifting track for the first time in about 10 years ad thinking this might be a good time to start fresh. I know I’ve lost a lot of strength over the last couple of months, but should I go straight back to the weight room to rebuild muscle to eat away the extra pounds or build a routine based on more regular cardio (running and swimming 3-4 times a week) and slowly rebuild muscle by weight training 1-2 times a week?

        Thanks in advance for your advise and taking the time to post to your site!

        • Rory,
          Thanks for the follow up question. Hopefully I can answer your questions, since you visited this site from China! Our first international post!!!

          I wouldn’t say it is more important to focus on weight lifting to lose weight; it just needs to be incorporated into a weight loss program. There are tons of people out there who have lost weight through strength training alone, and tons that have lost weight doing solely cardio. In order to lose weight you must burn calories. Weight lifting and running both burn calories, and weight lifting doesn’t necessarily burn more fat, but it does burn more calories.

          Generally, when people add a bunch of cardio into their training regimen they do lose strength. This doesn’t always happen, but for most it’s just a normal physiological response. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do cardio.

          Basically you need balance. But, my advice to you, Rory, would be to do what motivates you the most. I wouldn’t abandon weight lifting all together or cardio. However, since it seems like you are struggling to lift weights, don’t stress over it. Maybe you just enjoy cardio more (right now). If you can only make it to the gym to lift twice a week, that’s ok. What’s most important is that you keep moving and keep enjoying what you are doing for exercise.

  3. Ian Hardie says:

    How about your thoughts on a quick series of stretches that can be used before each game?

    • Ian,
      This is something I preach to my clients day in and day out….WARM UP! I will be happy to post a warm up for golf. Check back next week for the exercise of the week, thats where it will be. Also look out for this week’s exercise of the week, I should post it sometime tomorrow, it is on developing full body power, so important for golf.

      Also, I will post some notes from a presentation I am doing today about warming up.

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