Fitness Toy of the Month- Dynamax Ball

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Articles, Thought of the Day, Video

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I would make sure you all  knew about a wonderful product from down in Texas called Dynamax.  Dynamx makes the best medicine ball around.  I consider it the best for a multitude of reasons.  The best reason to use/ use a ball from dynamax is that it is one of the most versitile pieces of equipment on the fitness market.  You can do hundreds of exercises with this ball and hit every muscle group without leaving a medium sized walk in closet.  This medicine ball is different than most because it is soft enough you can throw it as hard as you want and it wont put a hole in the wall or injur the partner you are throwing it too.  Also, this ball is extremely durable, so the money you invest in this equipment will defanetly be worth it.  This ball is also ergonamically superior, fun to use and, most importantly, helps you to get results and meet your fitness goals.  Further more, very impressively, this product is made in the U.S.A.!    So if your gym has one, start using it.  If it doesn’t, encourage management to buy one or two….. or ten!  If they won’t, but one for yourself.  The Dynamax ball is reasonably priced and takes up very little room especially considering the various exercises you can do with it.  If you do decide to buy one, I would recoment ordering it here from the great people at power systems.  Stay tuned to our exercise of the week for a sneak peak of some exercises you can do with the dynamax ball.

As always, thanks for tuning in!


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