Question of the week

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Articles, Question of the Week

Hey everyone, I need some questions to answer this week!

  1. Tina Rogers says:

    Can you give us examples of weight bearing exercises that are effective but safe for our joints.

    • Tina thanks for the question!

      Pretty much anything that you are standing would be weight bearing. Also anything with resistance would weight bearing. However, the key is to provide enough weight to elicit changes in the bone that would cause it to reossify, which is one tenth of the amount of weight to needed to fracture that bone. I am not sure how much pressure is needed to break your humorus (upper arm), but lets say its 500lbs of pressure. In order for the bone to signal hormonal and other chemical resposes to build bone, you would need to stress that humorus with 50 pounds of pressure.

      So, to answer your question…there are many safe exercises that one can do to increase bone mineralization. In fact there are many more that are safe than unsafe. Some examples of exercises that are great for building bone density are the squat, overhead, pressing, or my favorite combining the two.

      The idea is to stress the bones of your body that need ossification. Generally, the spine, hips and femur. Basically when you squat, you stress all of these areas. When you squat and press overhead, you add additional stress to the spine. As long as this exercise is done with good form, this stress is good for the spine, especially for ossifying bone!

      Here are some video’s of good exercises for bone ossification:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have heard that the phosphoric acid in brown colored sodas can stop or interfere in calcium absorption and contribute to bone loss. Is there truth is this?

    • I have heard this as well. I have not read any research regarding this issue though. However, I have read that eating chocolate does the same thing although I am not sure if it is phosphoric acid in chocolate that causes this same phenomenon.

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