Posted: February 18, 2013 in Articles, Thought of the Day

There are so many cliché sayings in the health and fitness industry that often times the point of the saying is overlooked. The meanings behind sayings such as “we are what we eat” or “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” have a great deal of truth behind them and can positively impact one’s health if the premise behind the saying is implemented into an individual’s daily life. However, many people become desensitized to these sayings, do not care, or just do not believe it to be true because they have heard the saying so many times, thus missing the point.
With spring coming and summer rapidly approaching, many of us are feverishly working on health goals to help enhance warm weather experience. Some of us may be trying to lose a few pounds in order to look better in a bathing suit or improve our flexibility to impress our friends by hitting the golf ball further. Perhaps, you have decided you are going to take advantage of the many fresh fruits and vegetables available in the spring as opposed to buying frozen or canned alternatives. Whatever the case may be, I want to remind you of one of the most important health sayings and possibly the most overlooked; “it takes time.”
It takes time to change and the results we want to see cannot take place until the behaviors themselves have changed. Rome was not built in a day and thus cannot be destroyed in a day. Think about an individual who has become a couch potato. They did not become a couch potato overnight. The behaviors leading to their sedentary lifestyle did not change instantaneously nor did they become so out of shape in a matter of days that they can no longer go run three miles like they used to. This situation took a great deal of time to form, and will take at least an equal amount of time to change. Those who are overweight and trying to lose weight did not gain the weight in a weeks’ time (even though it might seem that way) and thus cannot expect to lose the weight more rapidly than it was put on.
I give so much praise and I am happy to see so many people trying to change their health and the behaviors that attribute to our health problems. Unfortunately, trying is often times all we ever accomplish. Many of us do not reach our health goals because we lack the patience to wait long enough reap the benefits of our efforts. So many times because we do not see results right away we get discouraged and give up. However, the best advice I can give to those of you trying to make some health changes is to not get discouraged and not give up because change takes time!

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