Your Grandkids Need to Workout Too

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Articles, Thought of the Day

An old article I wrote for work….Thought I would share it on here.

I love being a personal trainer and I love being a personal trainer at Highlands Country Club. The reasons that I love working here are numerous, but one of the greatest things about my job is that I get to know my clients. I spend between thirty minutes and an hour with them two to three times a week. While we do work hard during that time, I get to hear stories about my client’s current future and past life. Some trainers may feel this is not necessary but I feel this allows me to relate to my clients needs.
One major topic of discussion is grandchildren. I get to hear details about every single one of them from newborns to those adult grandkids that are having kids of their own. While I may forget how many grandkids my clients have, their names and some of the things they do, I love hearing about them! One thing that grandparents, especially those here at HCC, love to brag about is their grandchildren that participate in sports. Almost every grandparent here at HCC has an athlete grandchild and most of them, from my understanding, are pretty good at their chosen sport. Some of these grandkids I have met at our kid’s camp, at golf camp or just in passing around HCC.
However, over the three years I have been working at HCC, I have only worked out with one of my client’s grandchildren. As you may know, children need structured exercise now more than ever. Even children involved in athletics need additional strength and conditioning exercise to prevent injury and increase sport performance. I love working with kids and wish I could do more of it. I have two degrees in physical education, coach basketball at Highlands High School and I am a strength and conditioning coach. So, working with kids, especially athletes, is one of my passions. There are a variety of fun things to do with children from teenagers through toddlers that can enhance their health and their abilities to move.
In addition to enhancing the health of the grandchild, a workout at the LEC can also help out the parents and grandparents. Many of the members here at HCC have their grandkids for weeks at a time, often times between kid’s camp and golf camp. Sending them to the LEC for an individual workout with one of our personal trainers gives the members and their children a break to take care of things they need to accomplish. Also, kids can be hyper! One of the best prescriptions for hyper kids is high intensity exercise that burns off sugar! So, this summer if your grandkids are in town looking for something to do, driving you nuts, or need some fitness training, call the LEC and book a workout with Susan, Juanita or myself!

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