Treat Yourself Like a Dog

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Thought of the Day

When the phrase “treat yourself like a dog” is used most of us conjure a negative mental image of various things related to the topic at hand, or perhaps a stray or injured dog that has been neglected. Many of us throw this term around loosely claiming that “he was treated like a dog.” Judging by the popularity of this phrase, it would seem the general consensus is that the life of a dog is rough. While there are numerous dogs that get abused, that live without homes or go hungry, there are many dogs that have it pretty damn good. Often times us humans treat our dogs better than we treat ourselves.
How many times have you seen someone at the grocery store meticulously analyzing dog food to feed their canine family member, and then taken a peek in the dog owner’s shopping cart to only see junk food to be consumed by that person and the rest of their family? Many people make sure their pets get adequate exercise whether it’s letting them run around a dog park or have someone take their dog for a walk. However, the same individual will fail to establish exercise habits for themselves. As dog lovers we make sure our dogs are hydrated, entertained with toys to fetch and well groomed because they are man’s best friend. However, at times we skip these things for ourselves.
So if you want a thought to ponder….I encourage you to treat yourself like a dog. Make sure you are getting proper nutrition and getting some old fashioned exercise. Take a day to relax and let someone scratch your belly …..Or get a massage. Go get that manicure or pedicure you have been putting off because you have been busy. Take a golf lesson or go for a kayaking adventure. Eat peanut butter out of a bone or chase your tail around in circles. Whatever it is that makes you happy, enjoy yourself as a dog would. Treat yourself like a dog!

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