Understanding Golf Fitness

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Thought of the Day

Golf is a complex sport! If you play, you probably have figured that out by now. In order to be a skilled golfer it takes time, consistency, and dedication. A good golfer improves their skills by taking lessons, playing often and through lots of practice!
An overlooked aspect of playing good golf until recent years, has been a golfer’s fitness level. Today, most good golfers work on some aspect of their fitness in order to improve their game. Strategy, equipment and focus are all important parts of golf. However, your body is responsible for executing the golf swing and the more efficiently the body moves the better you can take advantage of the golf skills you have mastered.
Unfortunately, some golfers might not know where to start, while others may be confused as to which aspects of their fitness need improving in order to help their swing. Sometimes the information regarding golf fitness may be convoluted or conflicting. It seems each golf magazine has a “Top 5 Golf Exercise for You” article in every issue. Though, the key in improving one’s body to improve their golf swing lies in finding the appropriate exercises for the individual and following the same process previously mentioned in regards to improving skills.
One aspect that is most often confused is the idea that simply making one’s muscles stronger will allow them to produce more clubhead speed. While strength is an important concept of creating power it is not the only requirement. Having appropriately mobile and stable joints is a prerequisite for the body’s ability to create power and subsequent clubhead speed. While this concept may be a bit hard to understand, try to imagine jumping high in the air without bending your ankles, knees, or hips. Regardless of the strength an individual’s legs, one cannot jump very high without the joints in the legs moving.
On the other hand, not every golfer needs to improve the mobility and stability patterns in their body. The golf game of one who is already flexible may be best be improved by adding some specific strength or power exercises to their fitness routine. Another individual may only need a few golf specific sequencing exercises to improve their golf swing.

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