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March Madness Warm Up

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Tip of the Week, Video

Every March I am always amazed that everyone wants to play basketball. Basketball season starts in November…However it takes people until March to get motivated to play pick up games. So here are some tips on warming up before you play. Don’t get hurt and get ready to play at your best! WARM UP PEOPLE!!!!!

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Here is a basic tutorial on how to use a foam roller. If you need to buy a foam roller click the second link below and search foam roller!

As you know, stretching is sooooo important.  So here are a few strength band stretches you can do for those trouble areas people run into that often times need a little extra stretching….click the link below

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Strength Band Squats

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Golf, Video

Hey guys here is the exercise fo the week, strength band squats…


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Check out this week’s exercsie of the week….
A safe way to add resistance to your pushup.  Just so you know, I say uhhhh and ummm a lot in this video…maybe I need to stop filming my video’s on Sunday afternoon….


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The Reverse Side Plank

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Exercises, Thought of the Day, Video

Here is this week’s exercise of the week using a yoga mat, bosu ball, and a pillow, which I refer to as a towel in the video…..also a few times I refer to abs, and by abs in most cases, I mean your whole abdominal section….the transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, obliques, quadratus lumborum…etc.

The reverse side plank is a great alternate to the regular side plank for those of you with shoulder stability and shoulder pain issues.  So try it out.  Here is the link to the video and the second link to Power Systems website to buy bosu balls.
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Hey folks!  Here is this weeks exercise of the week.  This week we are doing the Washer/Washing Machine…what you call it depends on where you are from….here in the Appalachians we call it a washer machine.  In order to do the washer machine, you need to use a medicine ball, and we are using our toy of the month, the Dynamax ball.  So have fun, be safe and let this exercise help you get fit!  Below are the links for the video and a link to buy the Dynamax ball if you do not have one!

P.s.  Thanks to Kelly for videoing!

Here is the exercise

Buy the Ball


A few things before we get started….The video is upside down.  The original video was not like this and for some reason youtube thought it would look better upside down.  Since it took 2 hours to upload to youtube I am leaving it as is, I appologize.  You will be able to see the exercise just fine, especially if you turn your computer side ways ;).

Also, in this exercise I describe picking up the ball in a squat manner….which is what you should do…However, after looking at the video on the first few peformances of picking up the Dynamax ball, I did not follow my own advice.  SHAME ON ME!  Since the video took so long to upload…I am leaving it as is!  Do as I say, not as I do…right?

Anyhow, I hope you like this exercise.  I use this a lot with my basketball players as a way to diversify our cardiovascular exercises and it is a great way to work intervals in.  You can do this for a minute, and take 30 seconds rest.  Also, depending on the length of your sprint, with the thrid leg you get a bit of a rest compared to the other two legs of the spring which have you sprinting with a heavy ball.

Here is the video

And if you want to buy a Dynamax Ball

Also, Thanks to my buddy Doc at athletes performance for pointing something out about my video…not only did I not demonstrate lifting correctly, but I did not discuss a proper lift…So here you go:

In your exercise of the week “Ball Sprints” You emphasize lifting the ball properly from the ground. Can you discuss in greater detail, Things to consider or steps to safely lift and carry heavy objects both in and out of the gym?

Yes, I should have gone into this in more detail. I am still getting comfortable in front of the camera so I tend to forget things. Thank you for pointing that out Doc. By lifting properly, whether it’s a refrigerator, a baby or a Dynamax ball, lifting objects off the ground properly involves flexing at the hips with an upright spine. It is also important to keep your feet flat and push through your whole foot as you lift. Something else to consider when lifting things off the ground or anywhere else for that matter is to keep the object over your center of gravity. The further away from your center of gravity a weight is; the more stress it puts on the joints of the body.

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