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  1. This is just a test…

  2. This was a recent question from my facebook page (Garrett Tandy Fitness) about bone growth stimulators.

    Carolann, I am not too sure about bone growth stimulators. I am not a medical professional so this subject is out of my scope of practice. However, I will offer my thoughts on the rationale as to take these stimulators. If this supplementation would be to speed up a child’s growth because they are short for their age I would not worry with them. People tend to catch up with growth and I would not want to disrupt an individuals normal chemical balance. However, if a doctor has identified a medical condition that necessitated this kind of supplementation then it may be worth considering. If the doctor recommends them for someone, I would get at least one more opinion from a different doctor. If someone has a broken bone then I might would be more supportive based on the reasoning behind it. If a bone is having a hard time healing properly despite proper treatment (rest, physical therapy, etc) then it may be an option. If a bone is needed to heal quickly for sport performance or is not healing because of an early return to sports play I would not worry about sports and follow proper training protocols first. Seems like common sense but many people push their kids into many many dangerous things in the name of sports performance.

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