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Understanding Sport

There are many people in society with the opinion that sports should have little relevance. Some argue that time, energy and money should be focused on more important things. Many think sport is a silly, money driven industry that provides unnecessary entertainment. Some condemn competition and others fear losing. Others just hold that opinion without much justification.

I have never understood this. Athletics have always been a big part of my life. However, please don’t confuse me as being a world class athlete. I was able to participate on athletic teams in high school because I went to a very small high school on Hatteras Island, North Carolina. Frankly, if I grew up in a city and attended a large high school, I would have never had an opportunity to play the games that I played. But thank god I did.

What I have understood and have always felt, is that sports teaches many life lessons. Examples could go on for days… Sport teaches things like working with others to accomplish a goal. Sport allows you to learn how to compete in a fair way, without stepping on someone to advance. Sport teaches you to accept defeat when you just aren’t good enough, yet motivates you to get up the next day and be better than the day before. Sport teaches effort, dedication and forms character. These things many people already know and understand.

But until last night (note this was written the night after the 2016 UNC VS Villanova national title game) I never understood why sport and athletics were so special. It took me watching my Tar Heels suffering the most heartbreaking loss in program history to teach me why so many people place such a high value on sports.

What I now understand, is that an athletic competition in which an individual is emotionally invested is an emotional roller coaster like none other. Life is an emotional roller coaster, but life’s up and downs usually occur over years, months, weeks and days. Sure, many decisions and events of life happen in the blink of an eye. But typically the emotions of daily life rise and fall much slower than those in sports. In sports, you can be desperate one moment, on top of the world the next, and then, immediately crushed. Many Tar Heel fans know this too well after last night. And for anyone else who loves sports, you too have similar experiences.

Now what we all must understand , is that life goes on. More importantly, we all must understand that these highs and lows in sports are unique. Strangely, the heartbreak should be cherished just as much as the glory; the success as much as the failure. These highs and lows in sport, as well as other events, ad texture to the adventure we call life. This my friends, forces us to grow and become better people. This is why sports matter!
R. Garrett Tandy Jr.
M.A.Ed., CSCS, Titleist Performance Institute CGFI
Personal Trainer
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Lost Tree Club
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